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About Askim

  • Askim is pronounced ['aʃim][ so there is no k-sound . sk should be more like sh in ash and im like im in him.
  • Ask means ash(the tree) in swedish. Askim meant originally 'home of the ash trees'
  • Askim has about 24 000 inhabitants.
  • Askim is well-known for having the most popular beach in Gothenburg called Askimsbadet.
  • Askim was first mentioned in an icelandic book already in the beginning of the 13th century.
  • Sisjön and Frölunda Torg(a mall) are places with a lot of stores just a few kms from Askim
Uppdaterad: 05 NOV 2016 19:58 Skribent: Jens Bergström
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