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About Askims BGK

Askims BGK was founded 1975.

The club has 4 different  courses: One eternite and one concrete course by Askimsbadet, one MOS course in Slottsskogen(close to Gothenburg city) and one indoor MOS course in Grimmered(5 kms from Askim).

In 2015 the club arranged both Senior's Nations Cup and the  Senior's European Championship.

The club resides in Div 1(second best league in Sweden)

The club was one of the two finalists as late as 2016 in Swedish Cup on eternite.

Among active players today there are one member and three former members of the

national team of Sweden in regular championships. Also the head coach of the senior's

team and the head coach for the Swedish MOS team comes from Askims BGK.

In the winning swedish team at WAGM 2016 two players were from Askims BGK.

Last but not least there are at least 5 former members of the swedish junior national team 

who also plays in our two teams in Svenska Serien and some of them even know the lovely

feeling of winning a gold medal in a big international junior championship!!!

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