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How to get here

How to get to Askimsbadet by car?

Instruction 1

From Stockholm(appr. 5 hrs 30 mins):

Continue south along E4 .

In Jönköping follow the directions towards Gothenburg and continue along road 40.

After you pass the airport Landvetter follow instruction 2

Instruction 2

From Gothenburg airport, Landvetter(appr. 30 mins):

Continue along road 40/27 towards Gothenburg(west).

After passing Burger King the road starts to go downwards. That is where you will take exit 70(Kallebäcksmotet) and after that make a left turn by the traffic lights.

(Follow signs for E6/E20/Malmö)

Continue along the road by and stay in the left lane.

After 500 metres exit by a left turn down to E6/E20 towards Malmö.

After 4.2 kms on E6 take exit 66(Åbromotet)

Preferrably change to the left-most lane of the two exit lanes as the road turns right

Once the turn is done follow instruction 5.

Instruction 3

From Norway(appr. 2 hrs 15 mins)::

Continue along E6 towards Malmö. Pass Gothenburg and when you reach Mölndal  take exit 66(Åbromotet) .

Preferrably change to the left-most lane as the road turns right into road 159.

Once the turn is done follow instruction 5

Instruction 4

From Öresundsbron(Malmö)(appr. 2 hrs 50 mins):

Continue along E6 towards Gothenburg.

(In the Gothenburg area you will pass

Lindomemotet(exit 62), Kålleredsmotet (exit 63,by IKEA) and Torrekullamotet(exit 65).)

Take the exit 66(Åbromotet) by Astra and continue along the road to the left

Once the road has turned left under E6 follow Instruction 5

Instruction 5

From Åbromotet,exit 66(appr. 8 mins):

Continue along road 159 .

(You will drive towards road 158/Särö and the exit will appear after 7.5 – 8 kms of driving.

You will pass a McDonalds restaurant after 2 kms and close to the exit there will be a BurgerKing restaurant and SIBA all on your right hand )

Take exit Järnbrottsmotet and after a few hundreds of metres you will drive through a

long 270 degrees curve towards Särö on road 158 (but you will exit already in Askim).

After about 2 kms of driving you will see the signs for Askimsbadet which is the second exit on this road.

Take the exit and follow the road to the right to find the parking 200 metres away and the courses will be visible just another 100 metres away.

How to get to Gothenburg by flight?

Landvetter Airport (Gothenburg International Airport, GOT) is situated east of Gothenburg.

Buses are available from there to the train station in Gothenburg.

For more info on how to get to Askimsbadet see "How to get to Askimsbadet by car"

How to get to Gothenburg by train?

If you go by train we recommend that you go to Gothenburg train station where the buses

for going to Askimsbadet is easier to find. There is also car rentals at the station.


GPS positions WGS-84:

Parking: 57.626644 E  ,  11.930734  N

Courses: 57.625144 E  ,  11.930015  N


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